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Remedial Massage, Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine in Rockhampton

 At Rockhampton Health Options, we are committed to offering you the finest natural health services at competitive rates. Peter and Lynette have more than 50 years of combined clinical experience in all aspects of remedial massage, naturopathy, nutritional counselling, herbal medicine and aromatherapy.

Patients of all ages come to us from throughout the Rockhampton community and the Greater Central Queensland area.
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(Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes)
$50.00 (30 minutes)
$85.00 (1 hour)
$120.00 (1 hour 30 minutes)
under age 16
(Approximately 1 hour)
Additional costs include prescribed complementary medication
$50.00 (30 minutes)
$85.00 (1 hour)
$120.00 (1 hour 30 minutes)
Aromatherapy Traditional
Western Cupping - Additional $5.00 on top of remedial massage fee


Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine
People from all walks of life turn to Naturopathy to achieve and maintain optimal health. The advantages of Naturopathy as a comprehensive complementary healthcare system include the use of non-invasive diagnostic methods, safe therapeutic approaches and disease prevention objectives.

Peter does not perform pathology testing, which includes an analysis of blood, hair, urine, stool and saliva. The basis for this is firstly,  Peter received extensive Naturopathic training in case history taking, which involved 12 months full time study. Because of this Peter can identify functional imbalances before they become a disease condition. Pathology testing generally identifies disease conditions once they have developed, often with associated tissue damage. So, when Peter identifies functional imbalances, he is well positioned in preventing disease conditions and tissue damage from occurring. Secondly, pathology testing becomes a financial burden to families. Thirdly, the diagnostic methods used at Rockhampton Health Options, aimed at identifying the underlying causes of any ailments or imbalances  you are experiencing, are non-invasive.

Further to this Peter receives questions regarding treatment for allergies or food intolerance. People often think that tests are necessary to establish what is triggering  allergic reactions or intolerance responses. When you see Peter he does not require you to undertake allergy or intolerance tests. Rather, he is able to identify why the immune system experiences compromised function and treats the functional imbalance, which is the underlying disease cause. Classical Naturopathy knows that an allergy or intolerance is a secondary effect and unless you address the primary underlying cause is corrected, you will continue to experience relapses.

Rockhampton Health Options is your reliable community Naturopathic clinic.  Naturopath Peter Lewis has undergone 3 years of full time professional training in Naturopathy, and has been working in private practice for over three decades. His extensive training and experiences allows him to capably treat most  chronic and acute disorders for your health betterment and wellbeing. 

Naturopathy is the primary healthcare system in complementary medicine, which has a genuine holistic health perspective. Holistic health methods are the foundation in Peters' Naturopathic practice, which is treatment of the entire constitution.  He recognizes chronic and acute disorders are  functional imbalances. When functional imbalances are corrected, symptoms disappear and better health and wellbeing can be enjoyed.

The non-invasive dispensed interventions are designed to resolve symptoms, reduce disease progression and prevent symptom relapses. Significant Naturopathic skills Peter has developed over 30 years comprise Naturopathic manual techniques, termed Neurotherapy, which are proficient traditional methods aimed at correcting spinal and other joint complications.  Classical Naturopathic dietetics and nutrition  employs food as medicine rather than synthetic vitamins or supplement isolates. Established Naturopathic psychotherapy gives strong emphasis on practical ways to reclaim wellness through what is termed mental hygiene training. 
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Remedial Massage

remedial massage
Remedial massage employs a scientific approach to treating body tissues and the muscular system. Using only the hands allows your therapist to manually adjust treatments based on observable tissue responses. 

With over 33 years and 17 years of clinical experience respectively, Peter and Lynette understand that painful massage puts the patient at risk of scar tissue or even chronic disease. At Rockhampton Health Options, you will receive firm but effective massage treatments aimed at minimizing the need for excessive follow-up consultations. 

Peter and Lynette can successfully treat a range of disease conditions including acute and chronic pain, sporting injuries, mobility  complications, digestive disorders, breathing difficulties and joint trauma.
Clinical Cupping is the therapeutic method using specifically manufactured glass suction cups applied directly to the skin. Peter and Lyn have comprehensive training in fire cup administration. In more recent times vacuum cups are used, however, Peter prefers the art of fire cupping based upon favorable clinical results .

Administered correctly, clinical cupping is safe and does not generate adverse reactions, having favorable clinical outcomes. The primary aim of clinical cupping is to stimulate inherent healing regulation. Secondary aims are to modulate chronic inflammation and improve circulation to correct significant tissue scaring.

In classical Naturopathy, clinical cupping is otherwise termed Pneumatic Therapeutics. Pneumatic Therapeutics in Naturopathic practice focuses upon administration to designated reflex complexes to correct deep-seated constitutional imbalances. This method is associated with a classical Naturopathic intervention named bloodless surgery, which have far-reaching benefits for people who have post-traumatic stress. Post-traumatic stress in this instance refers to constitutional reactions to sudden physical shock.

Medical Herbalism

medical herbalism
Herbal medicine has its roots in Phytotherapy (medical herbalism) and medical science. Peter at Rockhampton Health Options has undergone 5 years of comprehensive study and training in the field of medical herbalism. During his 33 years of clinical practice, Peter has developed a strong and reliable understanding of the virtues and limitations of herbal medicines, in maximizing favorable results n clinical practice. 

When you visit our clinic you can be assured that you will be prescribed a safe and effective dosage. With a holistic outlook and critical approach to dispensing herbal medication, Peter will always be guided by what is best for your personal health outcomes, never by industry marketing.

Peter's extensive training in Phytotherapy encompasses scientific principles in therapeutics, termed pharmacokinetics along with traditional knowledge regarding the physiological actions of botanic medicine, termed pharmacodynamics. Furthermore, Peter is trained in Humoral Botanic Medicine and Physiomedicalism. Also, Phytopharmaceutics, which is the preparation and dispensing of botanic medicine has been comprehensively studied by Peter. Also, botanic toxicology is always considered by Peter in clinical practice.
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A woman receiving aromatherapy in Rockhampton
Lynette is our clinical aromatherapy consultant here at Rockhampton Health Options. Both ailments of the mind and body can be treated with the therapeutic application of plant-derived aromatic essential oils. During your consultation, Lyn will assess your case history to determine which aromatic oils are most suited to your current health needs and design a massage sequence specifically for you. As an ATMS accredited clinical aromatherapist, you can rely on Lyn for advice and therapies that lead to safe and constructive therapeutic outcomes. 

At Rockhampton Health Options, we endeavor to use Australian native or certified organic essential oils wherever possible. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your treatment is being administered using only the finest 100% pure aromatherapy oils that are free from chemical substitutes and isolates.

Importantly with clinical aromatherapy, Lyn only uses essential oils that are produced in Australia by a Therapeutic Goods Administration approved manufacturer. Consequently, Lyn has no conflict of interest as she does not work with multilevel marketing or network marketing oils. Safe best practice is paramount for Lyn and for this reason she undertook a comprehensive 3 year course in clinical aromatherapy.

 Aromatherapy Modality Styles
  • Medical aromatherapy, also known as aromatic medicine is an aspect of Medical Herbalism, being a science  in treatment of a range of biological disorders. Peter, your friendly Naturopath practitioner, is comprehensively trained to dispense pharmacological essential oils via internal and external administration, at safe dosages. 
  • Clinical aromatherapy is an advanced system that delivers personal treatment in dealing with disease, for example, digestive conditions. This modality is trained to administer appropriately diluted pharmacological essential oils externally or via inhalation. Lyn has received extensive instruction in the art of clinical aromatherapy.
  • Holistic aromatherapy combines essential oils with body massage. Treatment involves identifying what particular pharmacological essential oils are necessary for an individual's condition. Lyn and Peter are trained in holistic aromatherapy.
  • Aesthetic aromatherapy involves rudimentary training that often uses commercially blended oils instead of providing the personalized approach. Lyn and Peter do not deal with aesthetic aromatherapy, preferring to give strong clinical focus upon safe best practice in meeting individual needs.

Our therapists


Peter Lewis

G.Dip.H.Sc.H.M., N.D., H.M.D., R.M.D., S.M.D., Nut.D., Irid.D., Ref.D.
M.A.T.M.S. 00178, M.N.H.A.A. 132354, M.C.H.C. 339., M.A.R.O.N.O.H 37.

Peter has over 35 years of clinical experience. He is a Justice Of The Peace (qual.) and an accredited Workplace Trainer and Assessor.

Professional Accredited Modalities:
  • Naturopath Practitioner
  • Medical Herbalist Practitioner
  • Western Herbalist
  • Iridologist
  • Clinical Nutritionist
  • Swedish Massage Therapist
  • Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Reflexologist
  • Sports Therapist
Other Modalities
Lymphatic Drainage
Western Cupping


Lynette Lewis

DRM, DSpTher, DArom., M.A.T.M.S. 11719

 Lyn has over 16 years clinical experience and has formerly worked as a registered nurse and midwife.

Professional Accredited Modalities:
  • Remedial Massage Therapist
  • Sports Therapy Practitioner
  • Aromatherapist
  • Touch For Health Therapist
Other Modalities:
Lymphatic Drainage
Western Cupping

Lynette Lewis Sporting Summary

Lynette has been a competitive athlete for more than 40 years. Here is a summary of her achievements:
  • Federal government awardAustralian sports medal (year 2000) 
  • Queensland Masters Athletics: Most outstanding female athlete (1999-2000) and Best country athlete (1998-1999 and 2000-2001)
  • Caboolture Shire Council Sportsperson of the year special achievement award (2000)
  • Ron Grant Trophy (1997)
  • Australian Federation of Race Walking Clubs Centurion roll of honour number 44 (2000), being the first Queensland female to race walk 100 mile (162km) on athletic track within 24 hours
Queensland Athletics representative in Australian open championships include: 
  • Australian mountain running championships (5 Years)
  • Australian race walking championships (9 Years)
  • Australian cross country championships (9 Years)
Queensland ultra-marathon state track records include 50 km 1995- 24 hour 1996 ( 178.413 km) - 6 hour 1997 (61.412 km)
  • Queensland Masters Athletics   - broke Queensland track race walking records 7 times  - broke Queensland track steeple chase records 6 times
  • Queensland schoolgirls cross country championships, winner 1968 plus 1970 and 2nd 1969
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